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For Mom and Kurt – a game-changer

Just sat down tonight and decided to put together a quick video on what my “a typical day in the life” is like. When I’m driving to work, I have the privilege to be able to listen to recordings saved to a USB stick. Those forty-minute drives through mostly countryside are made far more enriching thanks to the words of Des Ford talking about the Gospel. His enlightened views on the Gospel — based on years of careful study of Scripture and his knowledge of the history of the church — has given me a hope about the meaning of life, what God has done for us, and what my role is as a Christian, a hope I never had in all the years I was an Adventist. In the linked YouTube video and on the audio file (same thing, just the audio version), he deals with this as well as other points:

It’s not about “do” – how or what we do… it’s about “done”: what Christ has done!

Listen to these words and tell me this isn’t about a complete game-changer. Christians fret over our hopeless human condition that could never stop being what we are bent to be: sinners. All this has been searingly cleared away in the light of the true gospel. Evidence this is true? just look at most Christians in churches around the world. They believe in a Tower of Babel religion, focusing on what they have to do, realising their inadequacies and their faces reflect their hopelessness. All because they missed the point of the Gospel… it’s NOT about what we can do, it’s ALL about what has been done!

You can download the audio here (right-click on the word “here” and select Save link as) or watch the talk on YouTube.