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Music: A Series of Sketches

I wish I was a pianist. Look, I’ve got a 49-key keyboard: nothing is stopping me from practicing and becoming better at the keyboard than I currently am, which is abysmal. So yeah, this is one of those stupid “wish” moments.

But anyway.

I still manage to work with chords in Reaper… it has some amazing little plugins which lets you pop a chord progression into a MIDI file, which I export and bring into Musescore. And then, I see notes! Which how I got that “rough-as-guts” bit you saw in a previous post.

That’s the beginning of the sketch.

Then, it’s a matter of sort-of throwing ideas based on those chord progressions into Musescore. I can’t really say how that works. Perhaps I’ve never worked that out. It’s probably quite individualistic.

So, Sketches, the First is on the musescore site… scored for strings, woodwinds and brass. Something suggested I should play a bit with the piano, so here we have Sketches, the Second:

Sketches, the Second

Might leave it as it is… or score it for other instruments. Kind-of fun to have that choice.