A Quicker Way to Share

It takes two weeks for snail mail to get a DVD or even a memory stick from Oz to Calistoga. Uploading here takes all of a few minutes. Okay, so the quality is a lot less… still:


Time Travel

One of the great challenges living way out here in Oz is connecting with family. Yes, I do the phone thing – cheap as chips these days – but somehow I still feel a disconnect from nuclear family. I was hoping that this website would provide a channel of communication but it sort-of hasn’t panned… Read More Time Travel

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Views on the UK

I redid the video on the UK (which was mostly about video-making) from the last post. I’d taken this course on Udemy – the course wasn’t all it promised to be, but had some good points about it – and anyway, some issues became apparent in the last flavour of StabStudy04 which I just couldn’t… Read More Views on the UK