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Perpetually in Learn Mode

Wrote another sketch, calling it ‘reflections’. It hints at different times in my past, times of which now I have bittersweet memories. The piece progresses in step with my reminiscing, and at some point those memories come into clearer focus, and the honeymoon ends.

Reflections – Sketch No 8

I’m still learning Reaper: managing instrument articulations/dynamics/expression in CC channels… and mixing – thoroughly suck at mixing. And Musescore (version 4 to be released at the end of the year). And now, KivyMD / Python for developing Android apps.

All this learning… been dry for a month, which has helped, but also turned 69 last month, which hasn’t. Concepts come harder, and don’t seem to stick as well. I even started a HelpYrself reminder-how-I-did-this-before page, but I have so many irons in the fire I tend to get a bit lost, even so.

So, Reflections. A bit of a simple beginning, then thoughts of France, then a segment (at 01:15) where I sort-of think a lot about Kurt and his compositional skills, wishing I could talk to him, share with him, then run into a new, different idea at about 02:00, having the celli and the clarinets carry this idea before sharing it around. At 02:35, we go back to Paris with the flutes, which the strings take up. This goes off on a bit of a tangent until about 03:55, when that thoughtful all-heavy-chords theme returns for a bit until 04:30 when things soften back down to our celli/clarinet idea. Another homage to life in Paris and we say goodnight.

Now working on the next Sketch… no idea where this is going, but I’m going to try for something a bit more faith-inspired. So far, here’s where we are:

Sketch 9, first theme