Sound Sketching

Below are links to musical sketches, in reverse chronological order. I wrote these to sort-of get an idea how instruments interact, and what they do at different points of the register. For example, a trumpet playing in a higher register is going to have a completely different effect than one playing in the lower registers.

Also, asking a trumpet player to play softly in a higher register is going to be met with some raised left eyebrows and twitching upper lips. This brings up what we can do in a DAW / music notation software versus reality: sure, you can dial down the trumpet playing a high C, but it’s not going to sound very realistic.

Sketch 11
La Gioconda

Sketch 10

Sketch 9
A Metaphor of Chooks

Sketch 8

Sketch 7
Souffle des Arbres

Sketch 6

Sketch 5

Sketch 4

Sketch 3

Sketch 2

Sketch 1

Sac A Dos

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