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Au Souffle des Arbres

I’m writing a new piece. It is in a slow 3/4 time, a thoughtful andante, sort-of an homage to my absolute favourite composers: Mendelssohn and Dvorak… more Mendelssohn, perhaps, than Dvorak, although he’s amazing, is Antonin. I’m calling it “To the Breathing of Trees”… one sort-of gets why the name listening to the piece whilst watching a strong wind in the trees.

That link will be, for a long time, to a WIP (work in progress) … I’m forever tweak, as you do, so the music is a bit of a “living document”, as we say in nursing.

Update 4 May 2021: ran into a “where-do-I-go-from-here” impasse – think the brass are a bit brash:

Update on 14 May, 2021: the piece has for the time being, sort-of an end. It’s been growing bit by bit, but I ran out of ideas, so I decided this was where it was going to stop. I have sped it up a bit: it was plodding along at 86 bpm, and hopped it up to 96… still adante, in my book. It’s not done: in Musescore, I’m at Sk07e1, and the end still needs fleshing out, and no question there’s probably huge issues with aspects of the thing. For example, at 3:50 or so, I introduce a thing in the bassoon, which later the horns take over. Works great in the horns, not so much in the bassoons. Also notice that I need to create more of a sort-of melodic line in the key instrument and worry less if all harmonic components are satisfied. There are still a lot of things to mess with / tweak / remove / add. This is where we are currently:

Still a ways to go.