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What is a Git? Git it?

So yeah, git is the way to manage versions of your creations, whatever they are. I’m currently using git-pages to publish devotionals, keep a how-to black-book on stuff I tend to forget how to do, but need reminding. It saves me a Google search… and might help someone else.

Not doing a lot of video these days: new job, new tasks, new challenges. I’ll get back into video eventually, in a better way. Need to rethink it.

But what are my git pages, anyway? Where did they come from? Why are they there? What else is there?

Well, for starters, here’s my Des Ford – Eliezer Gonsalez pages. This is the life-blood of existence, this gospel: truly nothing else matters.

And then, those help pages I mentioned: if you’re into Linux, Excel, Sphinx, Blender, Python or Git, they might be helpful. Perhaps. Some of it’s my own scribblings on the topics, so keep that in mind. Actually, I’ve sort-of developed a workflow surrounding this: when I google something I need to accomplish, I save my findings – links and all – in these pages, along with how it worked or IF it even worked.