Music and Video

Different Approach

The Idea

I’ve been thinking about this site, and about “vlogging”.

Traditionally, “vlogging” (or “video-log”-ing) implies, well, sitting in front of your camera and talking about stuff you would typically write in your blog about. Which is what Tightbytes is: a blog… end of the day.

And so, I’ve done a few, now, with me sitting in front of the camera and crapping on about… whatever. And when I reviewed it I was like: “far out, no one would even be remotely interested in what that old fart has to say”… and they would be right.

I wouldn’t be.

Only because: I’m an old fart. No one wants to see more of me. No one, least of all, me.

So, new approach. I’m going to do a vlog of stuff happening in my little sphere, which someone might find mildly interesting, but you don’t have to look at me. At all. I can think of only one person who might be remotely disappointed, and that’s Mutti. Sorry, Mutti, that’s just how it’s gonna be.

So, What Now?

I’m 68. Yes, years old. I don’t bend like I used to. Run like I used to. ANYTHING like I used to. So, videography needs to be re-thought. I want to shoot video, share what I experience, show this lovely country through “my eyes” but… there’s going to be limitations. With the advancing years, I have to accept my limitations.

I had all these video production dreams. Yeah, no: they’re not happening. Let’s get real. I’ll be flat-out getting some basic footage. All those fancy cine lenses, the high-end audio… pipe-dreams in terms of actually using the equipment. True, I do have some decent equipment, but I’m not actually using any of it. That’s the reality. So it is time to regroup, re-evaluate, to actually develop an approach to sharing my experiences that is sustainable and that will use what I have and use it to best effect.

I Had Big Dreams

I actually wrote music for the purpose of fleshing out my videos. Here’s an example:

The footage ends up being relatively incidental. Random. And it all becomes a bit non-sequitur.

This VLog Must be Better Than That

So, imagination plus a Sony a6000 plus a Zoom H4n plus Final Cut Pro X plus a Mac plus time, plus… imagination. Should. Produce. Something.