A Single Step

This, from the Free Software Foundation:

Microsoft has shelled out a mind-boggling estimated $1.8* billion to convince the public that it needs Windows 8. Why the record-breaking marketing deluge? Because a slick ad campaign is Microsoft’s best shot at hiding what Windows 8 really is; a faulty product that restricts your freedom, invades your privacy, and controls your data.”

Close Windows, Open Doors

I heartily endorse libre computing for all. Computing should be available to everyone, not just to those who can afford it. Libre (freedom of mind and thought and freedom from corporate control) Software is a step in the right direction. Why? Because the exchange of ideas is what not only fuels innovation  but offers opportunities to the financially disadvantaged. Free computing is everyone’s right. That is what the Internet is for — the freedom of thought side of things, anyway — and what the Free Software Foundation and Libre software is about:

As our society grows more dependent on computers, the software we run is of critical importance to securing the future of a free society. Free software is about having control over the technology we use in our homes, schools and businesses, where computers work for our individual and communal benefit, not for proprietary software companies or governments who might seek to restrict and monitor us.

The Free Software Foundation is working to secure freedom for computer users by promoting the development and use of free (as in freedom) software and documentation ā€” particularly the GNU operating system ā€” and by campaigning against threats to computer user freedom like Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) and software patents.”

We do have choices. This is a freedom, one to preserve, to cherish, to be watchful over, since there are those who would take it away if we’re not careful. Chose Libre Software and free your computer and your mind.